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We are a National Insurance Brokerage and Planning Company based in Omaha, Nebraska. With almost 80 years of combined industry experience, we bring unique, innovative insurance strategies for your clients to use when protecting their Financial, Estate and Business plans. Unlike traditional marketing organizations out to sell the product of the month, we are not here to sell you products. Rather, we are here to advise you on what product is most suitable for your client based on their unique situation. From our concept and personal growth trainings to our marketing and sales support, we are second to no one. Our goal is to help you, the advisor, in every aspect of your business.

We help build professionals who look to advise their clients instead of take orders from spreadsheets. You can count on us approaching each client opportunity from a conceptual stand point. Whether your client is building toward retirement, in retirement or owns a business, we have the expertise you need to bring the most value to your clients in protecting their plan. We have relationships with over sixty of the nation's strongest insurance companies and offer top compensation to advisors. However, we do not market products to you based on gimmick or compensation.

Clients don't plan to fail, they simply fail to plan. Our goal is to help you expand and grow your business by keeping the focus on what concept and product is best for your client. Considering we are able to consult you on many concepts and all Fixed Life and Health product lines, we have an edge in helping you implement each line of protection in complement to each aspect of their plan. We feel very blessed with the relationships we have been able to build and as such, have also invested heavily in being able to provide our advisors cutting edge technology so that we can help you be as effective and efficient as possible in several different areas of your business.


About Us

Committed to the Support and Success of Financial Service Professionals

The Foundation Cornerstones for The Ark Group are:

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In order to have World Class Service, there has to be excellent communication. The Ark Group is focused on exceptional communication. Whether you are a new advisor or a well seasoned, successful advisor, we believe in building long term relationships with you. Here is a sampling of services you can count on from us:

1. Back Office Support:


2. Training:

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Asset Preservation
Business Planning


3. Development:


4. Technology:


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