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What is Advanced Sales? Advanced Sales is a concept based educational approach to taking care of your clients in consideration of their specific situation. Whether they are building toward retirement, in retirement or own a business, your client has unique needs that must be addressed with the proper due diligence. A concept based sales approach requires Advisors to be very detail oriented and extremely patient. Advanced Sales recommendations should never be made without having taken the time to collect necessary information from the client up front or without leading the client down a path without the proper amount of education. We believe that people will make good business decisions if they are given complete and accurate information.

As an Advisor, you have the responsibility to find the most appropriate yet innovative concept that best suits each client based on their unique needs and circumstances. Our job is to assist you in helping your clients effectively and efficiently maximize their dollars for the best benefits available to them within each concept. The Ark Group provides you with the systems, processes and ability to handle Advanced Sales like a seasoned professional. With our custom design approach to your client's needs, we are willing to work "hands on" with you on each client in case identification, design, research, development and implementation. Give us the chance to earn your business and we will deliver a holistic, comprehensive approach that will separate you from everyone else!

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