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Annuity PhotoWhy should your clients purchase an annuity? Given all of the negative publicity these products have received the last several years, this question is very important to ask. Much of the negative publicity is regarding the financial security of annuities. The response to the security of annuities requires research and an appropriate amount of due diligence. Considering types of annuities have been around since the Roman times, the simple conclusion is that they are actually extremely secure financial vehicles as long as they are used appropriately. The real challenge with annuities is making sure that advisors represent the benefits to their clients properly.

It is extremely important for Advisors to be educating their clients on guaranteed solutions. The Baby Boomers began retiring in January of 2008, which started the largest wealth transfer the world has ever seen. Over the next 20 years, guaranteed solutions such as Fixed Annuities and Indexed Annuities will play an important role as they provide balance to a well thought out Retirement Plan.

Annuities are multi-faceted insurance contracts that should be carefully studied before investing in them. As an Advisor, you have the responsibility of determining the suitability based on your client's unique needs and educate them in the appropriate product option, as there are several. The Ark Group will help educate you on each type of annuity, its role within retirement planning, and advise you on the most innovative ways to properly protect and diversify the fixed portion of your client's portfolio. Whether your clients are in the asset accumulation or preservation stages of life, The Ark Group can help you research and find the appropriate annuity product for their plan.

Here is a listing of the type of Annuity products
The Ark Group has available for your clients:

Fixed Fixed-Indexed Single Premium Immediate Annuity Income Riders Options
Annuity & Life Hybrid Annuity & LTC Hybrid Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity
Impaired Risk SPIA's Flexible

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