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What is Critical Insurance? It is an imperative product that pays a tax free, lump sum benefit upon diagnosis of a covered critical, life threatening condition. The benefit is paid whether the insured survives the diagnosis or doesn't and if the insured dies from anything other than what is covered, the beneficiary will receive full return of premium. As an example, there are three different ways this policy can pay a benefit:

  1. if a client survives the diagnosis of a covered condition, they would receive a tax free, lump sum benefit
  2. if that client doesn't survive the diagnosis, their beneficiary would receive the tax free, lump sum benefit
  3. or if the client died from any reason other than what is covered, their beneficiary would receive 100% return of premium


Finally, there is truly a win/win/win product available for your clients!

So, why should your clients purchase Critical Insurance? Critical Insurance is the only product that protects your client's retirement portfolio should they get diagnosed with a life threatening condition and survive. Considering average life expectancy has nearly doubled over the past century, and the fastest growing portion of the population is ages 80 to 100, survival is more likely now than ever before. For those clients who are building toward retirement, a life threatening condition could not only postpone their retirement, a diagnosis could eliminate it or at minimum, significantly affect it. With the appropriate Critical Insurance coverage in place, your clients can be confident that the tax free, lump sum benefit they receive at claim would help provide them options and put them in better control of their retirement plan.

Critical Insurance is one of the most important purchases your clients can make. As an Advisor, you have the responsibility to find the product that best suits each client based on their unique needs and circumstances. The Ark Group will help educate you on Critical Insurance, its role within a sound financial plan, and how to properly implement policies by using innovative planning concepts. Regardless of whether your client is an employee, officer of a corporation or a business owner building toward retirement, The Ark Group brings the right expertise to help you serve your clients.

Here is a listing of the type of Critical Insurance products
The Ark Group has available for your clients:

Individual Stand Alone Life with CI Rider Worksite Group

Tools We Offer For Critical Insurance Planning:

Advanced Sales Concepts for Business Planning

Advanced Sales Concepts for Financial Planning


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