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Long Term Care

One of the greatest challenges a retired person has is in regard to the possibility of outliving their retirement and assets. This problem compounds considering most people would like to leave an inheritance to their family. A person works hard and sacrifices much when saving for their future retirement. Of all the financial risks that a retired person has, the greatest is the possibility of getting sick and needing extended care without having a plan of care in place.

Long Term Care PhotoLong Term Care is about putting together a plan of care in case your client gets sick and needs extended care and then finding the best possible way for your client to afford that plan of care. People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan. Advisors have a great responsibility in helping their clients put an affordable plan of care in place that answers as many potential care challenges as possible. In most cases, Long Term Care Insurance will play a role in a client's plan of care.

Long Term Care Insurance is one of the most important purchases your clients can make to protect their retirement during retirement. As an Advisor, you have the responsibility to find the product that best suits each client based on their unique needs and circumstances. The Ark Group will help educate you on developing an effective, efficient plan of care, its role within a sound financial plan, and how to properly implement policies by using innovative planning concepts. Regardless of whether your client is a retiree, an officer of a corporation or a business owner, The Ark Group brings the right expertise to help you serve your clients.

Here is a listing of the type of Long Term Care Insurance products
The Ark Group has available for your clients:

Individual LTCI Shared Care Short Term Care Executive Carve-Out
Life & LTC Hybrid Annuity & LTC Hybrid Worksite Group

Tools We Offer For Long Term Care Insurance Planning:

Advanced Sales Concepts for Business Planning

Advanced Sales Concepts for Estate Planning


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