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Medicare Supplement

Medicare PhotoWhy should your client purchase a Medicare Supplement policy? Due to gaps in the original Medicare plan, such as deductibles, co-insurance and other uncovered expenses, there is a strong chance of significant out of pocket expenses for your clients. There have been many changes to the Original Medicare plan over the years, which has lead to fewer and fewer people knowing how Medicare actually works, including insurance agents. Even though Medicare Supplements have been modernized and standardized by the Federal Government, your clients need to be educated as to how the Medicare system works and what to expect.

As an Advisor, you have the responsibility to educate each client on Medicare and help them enroll in a product that best suits their unique needs and circumstances. The Ark Group will help educate you on Medicare Supplements and show you how to properly implement this coverage into your product portfolio. The Ark Group brings the right expertise to help you serve your Medicare eligible clients.

Here is a listing of the type of Medicare Supplement products
The Ark Group has available for your clients:

Medicare Supplement Medicare Select

Tools We Offer For Medicare Supplement:

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