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As a National Brokerage and Planning Company, we have purposefully taken a different approach to building relationships. Instead of mass recruiting and the revolving door of agents and advisors, we have chosen to not advertise for new relationships. Instead, we have decided to focus on building long term relationships with agents and advisors who are referred to us. We do not believe in the churn and burn mindset in the mass recruitment of agents. A mantra of ours has always been to find what the masses are doing and then do the opposite. By focusing on our current relationships, we get to enjoy closer, family oriented relationships. We believe this is a much more profitable approach to business.

Our attitude is to do everything we can to continually earn your business. Earning a continued relationship with you is an ongoing privilege that we do not take for granted. Because of our high touch approach, our unique value-add and our relationship foundation, we believe we are the best opportunity for any Agent or Advisor to take their business to the next level. Here are testimonials from some of our relationships who allow us to continually earn their business:

Don Hansen, The Ark Group and their families are like family to me after working together for almost ten years. Don and Don's wife Brook, their office manager, have surrounded themselves with outstanding staff, such as Elizabeth Williams and Daniel Phillips, who are well trained in all product types from Annuities, Life, Disability, Health, Critical Illness and Long Term Care Insurance and cross trained well.

Don Hansen is one of the premier contact people in the insurance brokerage industry as well as trainer for Long Term Care and consultant for many large insurance companies as American General, Assurity, Mutual of Omaha and Protective, especially in the design and implementation of their Critical Illness Insurance products and instrumental in the development of the National Association of Critical Illness Insurance. His knowledge of Long Term Care Insurance and the difference in products and companies is outstanding. The Ark Group's contacts, experience and knowledge in the Life and Disability markets has been extremely helpful in hard to place cases from a competitive as well as underwriting standpoint.

The Ark Group is by far the most thorough and broker friendly group I have worked with in my thirty five years of vast experience including memberships in MDRT, NAIFA and AALU. As one of The Ark Group brokers, you will be treated like family with clear, concise answers to your questions and implementation and placement of the products that can help you improve your practice and bottom line.

Phil W. – Alabama

I have known Don Hansen for almost eight years, and am very proud to call him a very close personal friend. Not only is he a friend, but Don, and the folks at The Ark Group are an extremely valuable asset to my insurance business. They ALWAYS make me look good, and are 100% reliable. I honestly don't know what I would do without them.

Ralph W. – Tennessee

Our firm made the decision to work with The Ark Group immediately after the first phone conversation I had with Don Hansen, one of the principals at the agency. I was referred to Don by a local colleague about a year ago while I was working on a complex case. I was told Don was the "go to" person for this particular situation…. my colleague was right. In that initial conversation I had with Don, I immediately recognized he was one of those unique individuals that not only is a true expert in his field, but moreover possesses that rare ability to simplify a complicated concept and take the time to ensure it is understood.

I can speak on behalf of our entire firm that Don has always gone above and beyond expectations to provide the most appropriate and tailored recommendations for my clients' specific situations. What I like most about working with The Ark Group is that they are an organization that is comprised of many individuals just like Don Hansen; whether it is Life Insurance, Long Term Care Insurance, Medicare Supplements, or Annuities, the staff at The Ark Group are true professionals. I value the relationship that we've developed with them over the past couple of years and would highly recommend them to anyone…without hesitation.

David G. – Texas

I have been in the insurance/financial industry for over fifteen years and have worked for many organizations. However, when I started my own agency, I found that I was wearing so many hats that I didn't have as much time to devote selling as I wanted. I was being pulled in too many different directions. A very successful friend of mine saw how much I was trying to accomplish and how hard I was working so he suggested that I contact Don Hansen at The Ark Group to see if they could help me out. I can honestly say that it was one of the best calls I've ever made.

Don explained to me all of the services that The Ark Group provides, such as case design, quotes, consultation and follow up. Don also helped me streamline my organization by helping me network with other business in the area in very effective ways I had not thought of before. Everyone I've spoken with at The Ark Group has been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The whole team has been spectacular in helping me with quotes and case design behind the scenes so that my time can be spent in front of my clients rather than my laptop.

Eric T. – Tennessee

As a Financial Advisor with over nineteen years of experience, mostly in the Municipal Bond markets, I sought to broaden my practice to include Estate Planning services in 2011 since the law re-implemented after a one year hiatus. An associate of mine referred me to a firm which I have found to be very professional and staffed with highly qualified personnel. From the President/Owner of the company to the personnel that help to design cases, shop the markets, handle licensing and providing back office support, they are truly a firm I can rely on to assist me with my clients and to bring in new assets to my practice.

First and foremost, perhaps the most integral part of working with this group is the education and teaching they provide to learn the details of the Estate Planning business. I have found their expertise to be extremely helpful with regards to Life and Health Insurance and Trust documents. Not only have they shared their time and wisdom with me but I have learned to apply these tools to my clients to find solutions for life's events. I can unequivocally recommend The Ark Group to assist you in growing your business and providing a valuable service to your clients.

Randy N. – Georgia

The Ark Group has always performed the duties of the Independent Marketing Organization in a most professional manner...almost as if they were my business partners. Quick response to quotes and case design is not the exception but rather the rule when dealing with the staff at the Ark Group. In addition, the sales ideas and carrier intelligence has been a huge bonus to my practice. I highly recommend the Ark Group as a top line IMO.

David B. – Nebraska

I do business with the Ark Group because of their professionalism, commitment to ethics, courtesy and desire to be of help, professional knowledge, service with a smile, excellent product knowledge and the willingness to find the answer and solution to a problem. I enjoy the promptness and a feeling of friendliness with whoever I deal with.

Saeed R. – New Jersey

The Ark Group has continually assisted me in expanding my fixed insurance business. Their professional support coupled with a friendly attitude has made the last two years of working with them a real pleasure. From Start to Finish, Illustrations to policy delivery it's a smooth process. Thank you Ark Group for helping me and our agency's clients!

Greg G. – Missouri

My relationship with The Ark Group started about seven years ago, after attending a MDRT meeting where I heard Alphonso Franco speak on the need for all to have Critical Illness Insurance. This excited me so much that I did my research and found The Ark Group to be one of the best brokerage firms in the nation specializing in Critical Illness Insurance. Don Hansen contacted me and personally educated me to the point where he is now my personal CI coach. Their response time to your questions is exceptional. I have had no questions that they have not been able to answer. If Don is not available his two very reliable assistants, Elizabeth and Brook are. Contact them and you will see what I have said.

John W., CLU – North Carolina
MDRT member 37 Years

I started working with The Ark Group more than five years ago. Since our first conversation to the present, I have been pleased with their level of integrity, their ability to get done what they say they're going to do, and their effective communication. They have made it easy for me to do business with them. Their breadth of knowledge of the industry and their understanding of my practice has been very helpful over the years. Most importantly they have become friends, and I simply enjoy partnering with them to help my clients.

Tom St. A. – Minnesota

Since being introduced to The Ark Group over four years ago, I have had nothing but first class service. When it comes to knowledge, speed, and accuracy these guys have it down. They are truly part of our office and we depend on them deeply.

Edwin C. – Alabama

My staff and I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Don Hansen and The Ark Group on various occasions over the last five years. I can state unequivocally that, whether it was for a simple term policy or for a 401K rollover on a large group, Don and his staff have been extremely proficient and thorough in their service. I look forward to many more years of working together. I recommend Don and his staff blindly to anyone seeking a broker for their financial products. Please feel free to contact me for any type of referral on this matter.

Mario P. – Florida

Doing business with Don Hansen and The Ark Group has been nothing short of outstanding. Their intimate product knowledge and expertise is second to none. Their passion and understanding of the Critical Insurance market has opened up a brand new and very lucrative market for us. I highly endorse The Ark Group and would be happy to speak to anyone that would like to hear about my experience firsthand.

Jeffrey V. – California

My company has been working with The Ark Group for the past six years. The Ark Group has specialists knowledgeable in all of the insurance products. Their team gets to know you as a person not just a producer. Their personalized service helps all thru the application process making sure we have a quality product for our clients and follow each application to assure timely placement and delivery. We have worked with other brokers, but none compare to The Ark Group. I highly recommend The Ark Group to help you with your client and agency needs.

Bruce K. – Nebraska

I have had a longstanding business relationship with Don Hansen. So when The Ark Group was formed, it was only natural for me to want to do business with them and be able to access the broader spectrum of products that were being made available through The Ark Group. I have found that I either get the answer to my questions immediately or they will call the company or companies to make sure of an answer and that answer comes back to me very quickly. The people at The Ark Group are friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable; all the tools that are necessary when dealing with brokers who sometimes need help and immediate answers. My one question to everyone would be: "Why wouldn't you do business with someone you know and trust? I heard a very interesting statement recently that I believe applies to The Ark Group: "independence when you want it; assistance when you need it." Great people, great organization!!

Carol H. – Iowa

I talked with Don Hansen about six years ago for the first time while researching Critical Illness Insurance on the web. I learned more in a couple of hours from him than I had learned in weeks of talking with other "EXPERTS". I find that same knowledge of product in other lines of insurance to be common with their agency and the support I get before and after the sale is second to none. The friendliness that I find in every call I make to them, no matter who I talk to, is always appreciated. I have been in this business for thirty two years and I consider The Ark Group to be #1!

Ron L. – North Dakota

Without a doubt, The Ark Group is a consummate brokerage house. Our experience of their product knowledge, their ability to communicate with us, and their professionalism sets them well above other brokerage organizations. We are so pleased with the results of our relationship with The Ark Group and will continue to use their expertise in the future.

Bob & Ev – California

We feel confident in the professional information & advice we receive from The Ark Group! I own a small independent insurance agency in Louisiana, staffed with four employees. We offer a wide verity of products and companies. Whenever we get thrown a curve ball from one of our client's (which we all do!), I can feel confident that by contacting the staff at The Ark Group, my problem will be HIT OUT THE BALL PARK! GUESS THIS IS WHY THE COLLAGE WORLD SERIES IS HOSTED IN THEIR HOME TOWN! In addition, I get questions from my staff that I may not always have time or the knowledge to answer, so it's very easy to say "call The Ark Group". I don't have to worry about an agent not getting back with the client because they didn't have an answer! This is BIG!!! As agents, we don't want to give the wrong advice. The Ark Group makes my life as a Boss & Businessman a lot easier!

Jon P. – Louisiana

In two words, all you would like to see in a good Insurance agency is there, and when I say all is there I mean it.

Moses G. – New York

The Ark Group is a great team to work with on Life, Disability, Long Term Care and Annuities business. They have proven themselves to be an excellent resource of knowledge, quality products and advanced sales concepts. I can always count on their prompt, personal and professional assistance to reinforce my well respected reputation.

James de T., LUTCF – California

Wow! What a pleasure every time I use The Ark Group to serve, enhance and grow my business. The team's product knowledge, professionalism, and attention to detail is beyond reproach. They go beyond the call of duty each and every time I work with them to help my client base. Thanks Ark Group and keep up the great work!

David A. – Florida

Our relationship with The Ark group goes back ten plus years. All of the folks there have been there long enough to know what is important to me. Many firms have a big turnover in personnel. Ark's stability is refreshing and reliable…just great partners.

Mike S. – Louisiana

I do business with The Ark Group because it is easy. They do all the heavy lifting for me so I can focus on selling and not have to focus on things like contracting etc…they take care of the tough stuff for us. They are knowledgeable and easy to work with. Everyone from top to bottom is very knowledgeable of the products and they are always willing to look into something and get back to you.

Other brokers expect you to know as much as them and then talk down to you when you don't. The Ark Group gives you the respect you deserve and that makes you want to continue to do business with them. I appreciate what you do for us.

Greg M. – Iowa